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Do You Have A Process That Needs Improvement?

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Specialists In Improving Work

We identify outdated patterns of work that are slowing you down and keeping you from working on the most important things that directly improve your business. Once identified, we remove the wasted activities that don’t provide value and we replace those activities with streamlined, automated, and intelligent workflows that help you get back to what is important.

Customer Service Management

Great service is not just the responsibility of the customer service department. With Customer Service Management, connect customer service with other departments to identify and resolve issues faster, reduce costs, and increase satisfaction.

Customer Service Management

Customer Service Portal, Customer Case Management, Intelligent routing and automated workflow, and more.

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IT Service Management

Remove chaos and gain control by introducing a simplified and standardized way of delivery IT services. Improve productivity by consolidating fragmented tools and legacy systems while automating IT service management processes.

IT Service Management

IT Service Portal, Request Catalog, track IT asset lifecycles and relationships, and more.

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IT Operations Management

Gain visibility into your end‑to‑end business services by understanding the relationship with the underlying IT resources. Increase agility by automating IT processes and remediation actions keeping services healthy.

IT Operations Management

Self Service access to provisioning cloud resources, orchestrated workflows for standard, repeatable tasks, automated discovery of devices, and more.

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Project Portfolio Management

With visibility into the complete breadth of demand, all your resources, and your portfolio of projects, you can better align your efforts with corporate strategy, execute more quickly, and optimize resource allocation across all projects.

Project Portfolio Management

Demand Management, Resource Management, Time Tracking, and more.

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Explore Recent Work

A few of our recently completed projects. We start each project with an open discussion about value and objectives. We frame our projects with these objectives, to keep everyone involved, focused on generating value for your company. We believe in outcomes over outputs and weave this principle into the way we work.


Our Clients Say

“Chris is a visionary who is able to also focus on the objective at hand. He sees the big picture and takes steps to reach it through logical and tested approaches.”

Matt Beran, Kinetic Data

“I can wholeheartedly recommend Chris York…Chris helped us shape the vision and shared with us many different possibilities for implementation strategies. Our organization had many custom processes and Chris helped us find effective strategies to achieve our business objectives.”

Dan O'Mara, Watson Pharmaceuticals

“Chris is incredibly skilled technically and carries himself professionally. Chris’ business process knowledge and technical capabilities make him a trusted adviser for several of my clients.”

Monty Bobo, ServiceNow

“Chris’ work was consistently accurate, disciplined, thoughtful, and innovative. His technical skills are unsurpassed and his ability to be creative in the technical world is a pleasure to witness.”

Dale Preston, CSC

Chris consulted with the State of Colorado and helped me develop the Service Management strategy for the centralized IT organization there. Chris was smart, personable, and effective. I would highly recommend Chris as a resource to help organizations build out more effective service management.

Alan Ashurst, State of Colorado

“Chris provided ServiceNow consulting to my client in the Banking industry. A realistic approach to complex issues. Outstanding work ethic and professionalism. Without Chris, the project would not have succeeded.”

Bruce Krueger, CoBank

“Chris is simply one of the most knowledgeable consultants around. His expertise in Service Management and ServiceNow is simply unparalleled.”

Dave Andrews • Senior Operations Engineer, Davita

“Chris is one of the few people that excels at providing both process and technical solutions. He sees the bigger picture, beyond just IT, and lives at the intersection of value and simplicity. He is somebody who can not only provide great solutions for today’s needs but more importantly, provide transformational results that will enable your future success.”

Jeremy Gardner, Ajuvo

“Chris has an aptitude for aesthetics and understanding clients that makes him stand out from the thousands of service management architects on the Internet. I would highly recommend his company for any service management task.”

Rob Barba, Watson Pharmaceuticals

“Chris worked for me as a developer and specialist. His skills proved instrumental in developing to meet and in some cases exceed the customer expectations. His expertise also helped mitigate and avoid issues that would have proven to cause issues and elongate the projected project schedule.”

Debe Perry, Northrop Grumman

“Chris is a trusted and valued resource for any ITIL related engagements and I highly recommend his services. I will definitely utilize Lumagent again when the opportunity arises.”

Rick Bullock, Watson Pharmaceuticals

Chris is by far the best consultant that I have had the pleasure to work with in the IT Service Management arena…He provided many creative solutions to solve our business challenges. He customized an HR, Consumer Affairs and Flight application for us.

Laura Fike, Discount Tire Company

“Given the nature of our industry and the rapid shift in technology, Chris has been an exemplary constant who has held true his promise to keep up with the cutting edge pace but to also stay grounded in his philosophy towards simplicity. Chris brings a zen-like attitude but behind the humility is a man equipped with incredible technical prowess both in process and technical abilities.”

Arlen Vartazarian, ServiceNow

Chris brings a wealth of experience with both ServiceNow and ITSM methods. Upon arrival, he immersed himself in our processes and systems, and then made key recommendations for adjustments to both. He rolled up his sleeves to work with the team to implement those recommendations. Chris’s services were critical to the success of our project. He is the epitome of an effective consultant.

Joe Palmer • Chief Information Officer, Jefferson County Government

Chris is very personable and professional. It is always a pleasure to work with him because of his commitment to the project. Implementations he has supported us on have been highly successful. We have worked with him on more than one occasion because of his capabilities and knowledge.

Debbie Ortega, Northrop Grumman


There are only 2 parts to our company that matter. Our clients and our employees. Nothing else matters. Our purpose is to work every day to empower our clients to do the best work they can. That purpose is woven through every part of our organization and extends outward to everyone we touch. Even the way we treat our employees is an intentional choice to improve our client’s lives. We believe that if our employees have the autonomy and freedom to grow and excel, that they will bring their best selfs to work on behalf of our clients. We want lifetime clients. We are focusing on things that will never change and want to build a relationship that has no end.