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Empowering people to work better

Our services are centered around a single principle: empowering people.  We discover waste, inefficiencies, redundant systems and process, and do what we can to eliminate and automate work so that it flows without interruption or delays.

We have found that when work flows better, people are happier, more engaged, and tend to be more innovative and creative.

We look at process, people, and technology to identify areas of improvement. Once identified and simplified, we use workflow automation tools to get work flowing the way it was meant to be.

Process Improvement Analysis

A Process is simply a series of actions or steps used to achieve a particular objective. Every company is filled with hundreds, if not thousands of processes that can be improved. When a process is under performing, everyone feels it. This results in frustration, confusion, and lack of visibility. The symptoms may include long wait times, a backlog of work queues, high volume of complaints, underutilization of assets, etc.

We have been improving processes for 17 years and will continue to do so. Improvement is at the heart of what we do. We have studied methodologies and frameworks that have progressively shaped our services. These process improvements include ITIL, Six Sigma, Lean Management, Theory of Constraints, Agile, Re-engineering, Total Quality Management, Just-In-Time, Kaizen, and more. While we do not subscribe to a specific methodology, these varied methods have influenced our thinking, and components of each of these methodologies are part of the total value that we bring to every project.

We will help you analyze specific processes that you want to improve. Our analysis will include interviewing and learning what you already know, but more importantly we seek to discover process issues that have not yet been identified. We believe in the power of observation and walking through a process to discover both the small and the big problems. This outside observance provides a unique perspective which results in new insights and discovery and necessary remedies.

Some examples of Process Improvement Opportunities:

  • Employee Onboarding
  • Managing IT Software and Infrastructure Changes
  • Requesting and Provisioning IT Resources such as Virtual Servers and Application Development environments
  • Internal Department to Department work requests
  • Escalation of Incidents or Customer Service Cases

ServiceNow Software Implementation

We have been implementing ServiceNow software since 2005. Our implementation methodology is centered around value creation. We do not simply implement features and functionality in isolation. When we work with you to plan your implementation, We will first identify your desired outcomes centered around problems you are trying to solve. We then evaluate your data for baseline measurements which is used for comparisons at the conclusion of each project.

We run our implementation projects using the agile Scrum methodology and build stories centered around outcomes as opposed to features. We develop features in iterative sprint cycles where we demonstrate value at each sprint.

Past projects have included:

Expert Problem Finders

We are excellent at solving problems, but we are even better at finding problems. We have discovered that once you know what the problem is, the solution is fairly obvious. Let us come in and discover problems you may not even be aware of.

Our services include Discovery sessions dedicated to uncovering problems. We use our findings to build a roadmap for you so you know where to devote your attention and resources. Part of discovery includes interviews, observing, reviewing process documentation, reviewing systems and data, and all else needed to shed light on areas for improvement.

We offer agile focused project management services targeted at enterprise service management programs. Our project managers are PMI certified and agile ScrumMaster certified. Our goal with project management is to ensure that your projects all perform on-time, on-budget, and always result in your objectives being met. We always make sure there is sufficient time at the conclusion of a project for us to return and compare our baseline measurements to document efficiencies.

Typical Customer Results:

  • Increased employee effectiveness and efficiency

  • Greater visibility into the state of IT

  • Significant cost reduction

  • Increase IT service uptimes and decrease in outages

  • Elimination of bottlenecks which increases customer satisfaction

  • Increased customer satisfaction

Trusted Partners

When we work with you, we remain open-minded and technology agnostic. We look at your people and processes first and then look to applying technology second.  Ultimately, technology is always needed in the end, and we have carefully selected a technology partner that meets our same standard of quality, service levels, and forward thinking. Starting in 2007, we were the first ServiceNow partner and continue to partner with ServiceNow and use their solutions to solve your challenges.

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